TimeCard App For BaseCamp

This is an Adobe AIR app for keeping your weekly timesheet in Basecamp. Like other Basecamp time apps, it has a timer and allows you to add time without having to jump from project to project, todo to todo, to add your time. Unlike others, it gives you the goodness of the standard basecamp time report.

Download it here:

Please let me know what you think, bugs you encounter, and ideas you have.


1.1 – major new update! The application now has an icon and checks for updates when you ask it to. You can edit time entries and move them from todo item to todo item also.
1.054 – added company name to project dropdown, fixed bug whereby new time entries had gray background
1.053 – bugfix re: todos not being shown when creating new time entries, removed tabs and moved into application menu, since AIR lets you do that kind of thing
1.05 – a global search went too far and caused authentication to stop working…
1.04 – primarily bugfixes and refactoring – removed edit button from time entry until I figure out why it doesn’t work
1.03 – added ability to create new todo items when adding a time entry – only works for existing todo lists – IF YOU WERE USING 1.02 YOU MAY HAVE TO Reload->Everything TO GET IT TO WORK
1.02 – added menu with ability to reload data from basecamp and page from week to week
1.01 – removed the AIR Introspector and fixed some bugs


1. If, after you enter your basecamp info, it never loads, please let me know.

2. If you use OpenID, you can go to your basecamp “My Info” page and view your secret username and password, which allows API access.

3. You can reload projects and time entries by using the Reload menu.

4. You can jump from week to week using the View menu.

5. Some users have an issue whereby after you enter your basecamp info, it just sits there. Please check what it says in the upper right status bar and fill out the contact form. I developed it using Mac OSX 10.5.8, and tested it in Windows XP.

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