Forms Within Forms in IE7

Today I learned that you can’t put form tags inside form tags or IE will cause all of the form inputs after the nested form to be disconnected from their parent form.

Well, I already knew that, but was thinking more about adding features quickly than nested forms. Instead of warning me, Firefox worked, and instead of being smart and firing up the virtual PC that is squatting inside my Mac like an underappreciated cousin who overstayed his visit, I published to the live site.

The form in question was the “edit profile” form on the Ithaca Garden Network. The embedded form was the “Me on the Web” block, where you can add links to your profile pages elsewhere on the Web.

The dilemma is that the form wraps the two columns, so whatever lives outside the form must be either above or below the entire two columns of the form.

The solution was to move the Me on the Web block from the bottom of the right column to the bottom of the main column, beneath the form.

February 25, 2009 in CSS, HTML